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Drakes landing

The bazaar at Drake's Landings central hub

Drake's Landing stands as a preeminent hub for mercenary activity, serving as a central gathering point for mercenaries and employers from across the Core. Today, it is celebrated for its rich culture of independence, strategy, and martial prowess, offering a sanctuary and operational base for various mercenary groups and independent soldiers of fortune. Though located within the borders of the Starcrest Protectorate, its status as a neutral ground allows for an intricate web of alliances, contracts, and negotiations, making it an essential player in the geopolitical landscape of the Core.

Modern Significance[]

The contemporary usage of Drake's Landing as a neutral mercenary hub has transformed it into a bustling world where strategy, commerce, and military expertise converge. Its open ports and inclusive policy have fostered a unique culture where individuals from diverse backgrounds share knowledge, skills, and tales of valor. This environment not only promotes a rich exchange of cultures but also facilitates the growth of the mercenary profession, offering unparalleled opportunities for training, recruitment, and the orchestration of complex operations.

Historical Background[]

Drake's Landing owes its name and enduring legacy to the legendary figure of Drake, a mercenary commander said to be of unparalleled strategic acumen and resolve. Hired to defend a strategically insignificant planet against an anticipated invasion, Drake and his unit faced a dire situation when the invading force proved vastly more formidable than anyone had expected. The invaders outnumbered Drake's forces by an overwhelming margin, setting the stage for what should have been a swift and decisive conquest of the planet.

The Legend of Drake[]

Drake mechs

Drake's forces engaging in battle

Despite the daunting odds, Drake leveraged the planet's rugged terrain, utilizing guerrilla tactics and psychological warfare to exploit the invaders' weaknesses. He orchestrated a series of hit-and-run attacks, ambushes, and strategic retreats, making each victory for the invaders a pyrrhic one. Through these tactics, Drake not only inflicted heavy casualties on the invading force but also significantly delayed their advance, buying crucial time for his employer to muster a relief force.

The protracted campaign waged by Drake, characterized by his ingenious use of limited resources and deep understanding of both the terrain and enemy psychology, ultimately led to the attrition and demoralization of the invasion force. By the time the employer's relief forces arrived, the invaders, already exhausted and out of position due to Drake's relentless harassment, were easily routed.

In recognition of Drake's extraordinary leadership and the pivotal role he played in the defense of the planet, his employer bestowed upon him stewardship of the world, henceforth named Drake's Landing. This gesture was not only a reward for his service but also an acknowledgment of the strategic importance the planet now held, thanks to Drake's actions. With Drake's Landing now serving as the home base for his mercenary unit, its reputation as an impregnable stronghold deterred any future attempts at invasion.

Under Drake's leadership, the planet transformed from a mere military outpost into a thriving hub for mercenaries. Drake's Landing became a sanctuary for those who valued the principles of honor, freedom, and the mercenary way of life. The establishment of the mercenary guild, formed from the largest units that made Drake's Landing their home, further solidified the planet's status as the center of mercenary activity in the Core. Over time, Drake's Landing was granted independence, evolving into the renowned mercenary hub known today, a testament to its founder's legacy and the enduring spirit of its inhabitants.

Myth vs. Reality[]

The narrative of Drake's Landing, including the details of Drake's identity and life, his employers, and the adversaries he faced, has passed into the realm of legend, where precise facts are often obscured by generations of retelling. In this light, the community generally accepts that while the essence of the stories holds truths about their past, the specifics may be interpreted in various ways. This acceptance has allowed the legend of Drake's Landing to be a source of cultural pride, with the acknowledgment that the exact details of its legendary past are as much a part of the fabric of the planet as the stories themselves.