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Ruled by the cousin-houses Aerin and Payne from the capital planet Lumina, the Helios Sovereignty is the wealthiest state in the Core, its influence resonating like the sun's radiance across the realm. The Sovereignty is known for its opulent lifestyles and excess, and is also the esteemed patron of the Crown, reaping benefits from its close ties to House Caledon. Their emblem, a golden sun upon a crimson backdrop, embodies their ethos: "Wealth is Power".

Territory and Capital[]

The Helios Sovereignty's dominion spans a realm of opulence and power, characterized by a sprawling populace of 9.7 billion citizens and an imposing military force boasting over 270,000 advanced mechs. The state is home to many of the richest families in the Core. Across their planets, a common thread of wealth and extravagance weaves through the tapestry of their holdings.

At the heart of their empire lies Lumina, a planet that encapsulates the very essence of the Sovereignty's opulence. Ornate cities, opulent architecture, and extravagant displays of wealth define its landscape, and it is home to some of the wealthiest families in the Core. From lush forests to idyllic beaches, Lumina's tropical climate creates a picturesque environment. Diverse holdings, such as mineral-rich New Tarsis and the temperate retreat of Eridanius IV, exemplify the Sovereignty's multifaceted dominion, while training facilities on Arcadia and resource-rich Haven underline their readiness and self-sufficiency. These planets, among others, are vital cogs in the Sovereignty's economic and military machinery, reflecting a grandeur that defines the core of their power.

Ruler and Leadership[]

The Sovereignty leadership is a shared position between the House Aerin Archon as head of state and the House Payne Archduke as supreme military commander. This unique bond between two houses of distinction forms the Sovereignty's bedrock.

At the helm of House Aerin stands Archon Alissa Aerin. Disguised within her beauty and kindness belies her formidable political acumen—an artistry that those who underestimated her have ruefully come to respect. In stark contrast, the Payne lineage displays no facade of gentleness. Archduke Arthur Payne is the head of House Payne. A harsh man, Arthur is known for his draconian leadership style. In recent years he has taken measures to address the command issues in the military and has made progress in pulling the Sovereignty out of a period of decline brought on by years of nepotism, favoritism, and complacency. Despite being viewed by some as a tyrant, Payne’s efforts and reforms have led to significant improvements in the Sovereignty’s military.

Within the House of Aerin, are Alissa’s children: Elara, Ravin, Lex, and Aurora. Elara is next in line to rule House Aerin, and embodies her mother's grace, intelligence, and capability, though grapples with her own uncertainties, fearing that when the time comes she may not measure up to her mother’s legacy. Ravin is a deft diplomat and administrator who often keeps the wheels of governance turning within the Sovereignty. Lex is a more impulsive individual, often eliciting exasperation  from her family with her sometimes poorly considered actions. Yet she harbors a determination to serve her family and establish her role in the government. Meanwhile, Aurora, the youngest sister, shuns the political spotlight, opting instead to harbor aspirations of marrying and embracing the life of a socialite.

Within House Payne we find the Payne sons—Alexander, Torrin, and Archer. Alexander is a manifestation of his father's stern resolve. Harsh and unforgiving, he does not tolerate fools or mistakes, and he commands an intensely loyal battalion of forces within the military. His brother Torrin is not a fighter or warrior, but an intellectual, who wields words as deftly as a blade. Lastly, there is Archer, who thrives on the battlefield's camaraderie, forming unique bonds with common soldiers—much to the chagrin of his father and elder brother Alexander, who both deem such interactions as beneath the esteemed Payne name.

While the Sovereignty's wealth and power are undeniable, their reputation for excess and political maneuverings considered "dishonorable" by some triggers suspicion among many in the Core. Case in point, a rivalry with the Starcrest Protectorate, stemming from their differing approaches and ideologies, stirs tensions that ripple through the region. Amidst this tapestry of ambition and grandeur, the Helios Sovereignty casts an enchanting glow, yet one that elicits wary glances from the Core's vigilant denizens.

Politics and Diplomacy[]

Despite their formidable military and boundless wealth, the Helios Sovereignty is viewed with suspicion by some of the other Core powers. Their reputation for excess and perceived "dishonorable" tactics fuels this suspicion. In particular, the Starcrest Protectorate regards the Sovereignty as manipulative and dishonorable, viewing them as a potential threat to regional stability. This long-held rivalry between the two powers casts a long shadow across the Core.

Military and Technology[]

Helios Sovereignty Propaganda

Sovereignty propaganda showing its glorious warriors in battle

The Helios Sovereignty's military might stands as a testament to its wealth and power. Well-equipped and sophisticated, their military is notorious for its preference for calculated, long-range combat. The Sovereignty's mechs are often equipped with an abundance of missile launchers and Magnetically Accelerated Cannons (MAC guns). These weapons are known for their exorbitant cost, which is why they're used sparingly or not at all by other houses. The Sovereignty's relentless focus on long-range weaponry makes them formidable opponents, allowing them to engage enemies from afar, often securing victories with minimal damage to their own mechs.

However, the Sovereignty military has been plagued by issues of favoritism and nepotism within its officer ranks, sometimes resulting in questionable tactical decisions. Despite these challenges, the sheer wealth and power of the Sovereignty ensure that it boasts one of the largest and most well-equipped militaries in the Core. Their mechs are somewhat more compact compared to those of other houses, enabling them to deploy marginally larger forces than would otherwise be allowed. Nevertheless, the Sovereignty frowns upon the organization of mercenary transport, often requiring mercenaries to bear their own deployment fees.

The Sovereignty's military prowess hinges on expensive and advanced weaponry, designed for calculated long-range engagements. They're known for their emphasis on missile launchers and MAC guns, with the Sovereignty being the sole house to use these Magnetically Accelerated Cannons. Additionally, they use Long-Range variants of the High Energy Cannon, which provide extended range at the cost of generating more heat. This cutting-edge technology grants the Sovereignty a unique advantage, enabling them to unleash devastating long-range attacks before the enemy has an opportunity to retaliate.

Jump jets are another distinguishing feature of Sovereignty mechs, enhancing their maneuverability over rough terrain and providing tactical advantages during engagements. Sovereignty mechs are also more compactly designed than those of other houses, making them easier to transport and deploy, granting mercenaries a small tactical advantage in the field.

Mercenary Relations[]

Mercenaries aligned with the Sovereignty are offered lucrative contracts, yet the responsibility of covering deployment expenses falls on their shoulders. This adaptable arrangement empowers mercenaries to economize on chosen deployments, reducing deployments on lighter missions and keeping more profits for themselves, though extended missions can lead to rising costs. When costs do exceed expectations, the Sovereignty, in their characteristic style, dismisses any discussion about these logistical details. A common adage among mercenaries regarding the Sovereignty is "Beware the Golden Hand." While they might shower mercs with wealth to secure their contract, managing the intricacies of battlefield logistics remains solely the mercenary's duty. Should costs exceed initial estimates, there is no recourse. In the Sovereignty's own words, "we do not renegotiate."