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Mech Standing in City

A modern mech stands watch over a city center

War Mechs or Mechs as they are commonly known, are giant, often humanoid, war machines that are used widely in combat. Great houses and mercenaries alike maintain forces of mechs for use in active combat. Mechs range in size and weight and vary significantly by faction, though most mechs range between 200 to 1200 tons and up to 4 or 5 stories in height. For mercenary contracts, mech deployments are often dictated by size, and thus the cargo size of each mech is usually quite important when determining how easy it is to deploy on missions. Each of the major powers in the Core utilize their own unique mech designs and accompanying technology.

History and Origins[]

The origin of mechs traces back to several centuries before the establishment of the Golden Empire, with the earliest predecessors including powered exoskeletons designed for labor-intensive tasks and clunky mobile pillboxes used for basic defense. These primitive designs were cumbersome, heavy, and difficult to maneuver, offering limited practical military value.

The transformative leap in mech technology came from the Omnisphere Imperium, which at that time only controlled a handful of worlds. The Imperium's engineers pioneered several critical advancements essential for the evolution of mech: First, researchers in the Imperium developed lightweight yet ultra-strong alloys, drastically reducing the weight of mechs while increasing their durability and maneuverability. This material innovation allowed for the construction of larger, yet more agile mech frames. Second, the Imperium introduced advanced neural interfaces that allowed pilots to control mechs using direct brain-to-machine connections. This drastically improved reaction times and sync between pilot and mech, making complex maneuvers possible and turning mechs into extensions of the pilots themselves. Lastly, and perhaps the most groundbreaking of the Imperium's innovations was the development of compact mobile fusion cores. These power plants provided a heretofore unimaginable amount of energy, enabling not only enhanced mobility and endurance but also the use of high-energy weapons systems that were previously impractical for mobile units.

With these technologies amalgamated, the first true war mechs emerged — massive steel behemoths that could traverse any terrain and dismantle fortifications with ease. Though these initial models would now be classified, at best, as medium mechs, their deployment marked a revolution in warfare. Fortresses that had stood impregnable for centuries fell within days to the relentless assault of these new machines. The sudden appearance of mechs on the battlefield catapulted the Imperium into an era of rapid expansion. Leveraging their technological supremacy, they quickly dominated the Core, asserting themselves as the largest and most powerful entity, effectively becoming the de facto empire of their time.

As the decades passed, the Imperium remained at the forefront of mech technology. However, the secrets of their engineering inevitably disseminated across the Core and even into the Fringe. Mech technology gradually became a staple of armed forces throughout the known universe, transforming not just military strategies but also the geopolitics of space.

The True Origins of the Mech?[]

There is some speculation that the Lytherians may not have actually invented the first war mech. Some critics argue that there is scant evidence the Lytherians had the necessary scientific foundation to invent the mech, suggesting it may have been developed elsewhere. One possibility is that the Lytherians encountered an early form of mech technology in a nearby faction and appropriated it. The true originators may have then been eradicated or simply forgotten. Regardless of its origins, the advent of the mech technology provided the Imperium with a sudden and overwhelming battlefield advantage, propelling them to rapid and extensive expansion across the Core.

The Confederate Vanguard Union[]

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Union mechs typically utilize a variety of traditional weaponry including Lasers, Vulkan Cannons, Rockets, Missiles, and Autoguns. Union mechs usually emphasize combat ability and work well in most engagement conditions. Some Union mechs utilize jump jet technology to give their mechs limited jump capabilities. All Union mechs utilize more efficient cooling systems than other Core powers, granting them advantages in prolonged engagements.

Union Mechs
Sword Breaker

The Helios Sovereignty[]

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Sovereignty mechs emphasize long-range weaponry, including Missiles Launchers, MAC guns, and special Long-Range variants of the HEC. Some Sovereignty mechs also employ jump jets, providing them increase maneuverability in the field. Finally, Sovereignty mechs are slightly more compactly designed than mechs of other houses, making them slightly easier to transport into battle. This results in Sovereignty mechs taking up less space (i.e., having smaller sizes during mission deployments) for their weight class.

Sovereignty Mechs
Great sword

The Omnisphere Imperium

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