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Oasis battle

Mechs vie for control of a desert oasis

Destroy. Salvage. Repair. Upgrade. PROFIT! MetalMercs is a real-time tactical experience where you command your own mercenary outfit of mechs and mercs and adventure through randomly generated missions filled with rewards, glory, and bitter defeat. You can try MetalMercs for free on Steam today! For more detailed gameplay information, please visit our gameplay page.

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Explore the Lore of Metal Mercs[]

In this wiki, you'll find a wealth of information about the rich universe of Metal Mercs. Dive into the history, factions, characters, and events that define the Core and its inhabitants.

The Core & The Great Houses[]

Technology and Military[]

Key Characters[]

  • Major Characters
  • Notable Mercenaries
  • Political Leaders
  • Historical Figures

Major Events[]

  • Wars and Conflicts
  • Notable Battles
  • Political Intrigues
  • Technological Breakthroughs

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