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The Omnisphere Imperium is the oldest state in the Core, having stood for over two thousand years, and is the only surviving power from the Golden Empire. The Imperium is known for its emphasis on honor, duty, and perfection in all endeavors. The Imperium places great value on the arts, and many of its citizens are skilled artists in addition to being fierce warriors. The Imperium's motto, "Fierce Beauty," reflects this focus on the union of beauty and strength.

History and Origins[]

Early Imperium Mechs

Historical art depicting early Imperium mechs

The history of the Imperium begins centuries before the Golden Empire. Before the formation of the Imperium, the region that would become its heartland was fragmented into multiple smaller states. These groups were characterized by their distinct cultural practices, with a focus on metallurgy and engineering, laying the groundwork for technological innovation. They often skirmished over resources, particularly access to rare minerals and energy sources, which were abundant in their terrain.

House Lytherius’s foundation is tied to a legendary figure, Vyrexia Lyther, a brilliant and ambitious leader. Vyrexia was not only a skilled warrior but also a tactical visionary. However, it was the development of the first war mech that signaled the Imperiums true arrival. The development of the mech gave them a sudden and massive battlefield advantage, and led to a rapid and near unstoppable expansion across the Core. These conquests led to the formation of the Imperium.

As the Imperium consolidated power, it fostered an age of innovation and art. The wealth accumulated from conquests funded not only the military-industrial complex necessary to maintain their mechs but also patronized artists, poets, and scholars. This dual appreciation for martial prowess and artistic achievement became a hallmark of House Lytherius's culture.

At its zenith, the Imperium commanded vast territories and maintained unrivaled technological supremacy through its mech armies. However, the vastness of its reach eventually led to its vulnerability. Several factors contributed to its decline including increasing conflict with both external and internal forces, rebellions and uprisings, political betrayal, and economic strain. Eventually the Golden Empire would emerge and a much-reduced Imperium would integrate as a member state of the new empire.

As the new Empire solidified its power, the remnants of the Omnisphere Imperium became a foundational part of this new entity. Though the Imperium would never again be the preeminent ruler of the Core, even a reduced Imperium was among the most powerful states in the Core. More so, the Imperium is truly the longest lasting and most stable state. It has maintained its borders and government longer than any other known power, with roots dating back centuries before the Empire. It is the only state to survive the Ophidian occupation intact, and its modern place is as one of the five Great Houses of the Core. The Imperium stands as a testament to power and stability.

Darker History[]

Despite its respect for art and beauty, the Omnisphere Imperium was arguable only so successful in its early days thanks to its brutal expansionist policies that showcased both its military might and its ruthless approach to governance. Defeated battlefield forces regularly faced grim ultimatums: swear loyalty or face execution, often carried out immediately using mech weaponry to annihilate defiant captives. Alongside this, the early Imperium employed slave labor to fuel the rapid industrialization of newly conquered worlds, with slavery being an uncontroversial practice among the wealthy. Dissenters, rebels, or military captives were publicly executed to quash resistance. Adding to their oppressive rule, the Imperium forced whole populations into strategic settlements, disrupted their cultural identities, and showcased their dominance through grand war parades featuring war trophies and prisoners. They also organized blood sports where prisoners fought to the death, serving both as brutal entertainment and a stark reminder of the Imperium’s power. Though the modern Imperium has abandoned the most brutal of these practices, this dark period is both glossed over and romanticized in the Imperium's later histories, yet remains a testament to their harsh methods of establishing and maintaining control.

Territory and Capital[]

The Imperium houses a population of 10.3 billion citizens and commands a formidable military force composed of 220,000 mechs. Leading this storied realm is Imperator. The capital of the Omnisphere Imperium is Celestia Prime. Known in the Core as the "Jewel of the Imperium", the planet's terrain is diverse, with towering mountains, sprawling forests, and vast oceans. The planet's economy thrives on both advanced technology and traditionally-inspired art. The planet is also home to advanced military facilities.

Ruler and Leadership[]

Ruled by the esteemed House Lytherius from the illustrious capital world of Celestia Prime, the Omnisphere Imperium stands as the oldest surviving bastion of power within the Core Worlds. Its current leader is Imperator Jada Lytherius, a wise and stoic individual, respected for her careful and thoughtful actions. Aligning with its leader, the Imperium as a whole is politically calculated, preferring to take a measured and thoughtful approach to threats and challenges. They are slow to react when provoked, but are always prepared to defend themselves when necessary.

Within the Imperium, leaders traditionally opt for consorts over marriage to preserve the family lineage. Imperator Jada Lytherius follows this custom, having four children with at least two separate regional leaders from within the Imperium. These fathers maintain minimal contact with their offspring, as the Lytherians have long held the belief that their children belong to the Imperium itself. Thus, the only familial bonds these children hold are with their mother.

Among Jada's progeny, Takarion and Valtorian, her two eldest sons, distinguish themselves as formidable tacticians, exhibiting a balance of thoughtfulness and stern resolve. Both serve as the Imperium's esteemed top commanders, embodying discipline, skill, and the respect of their peers. Sylara, Jada's daughter, departs from her family's military focus, excelling as a diplomatic prodigy. She relentlessly seeks peaceful solutions, often causing friction with her more warrior-oriented family members. Sylara's idealism navigates a fine line between her perception of moral duty and the practical realities of Core politics. The youngest, Rythor, deviates from the traditional path, finding joy in the thrill of combat as he refines his mech combat skills.

Politics and Diplomacy[]

The Imperium employs a deliberate and cautious political approach, emphasizing thoughtful responses to threats and challenges rather than hasty reactions. When provoked, however, the Imperium responds with calculated resolve and formidable force, displaying their unwavering commitment to defense. They maintain strained relations with neighboring powers, particularly the Orion Corporate and the Confederate Vanguard Union. The Corporate views the Imperium as a traditional and outdated state that clings to impractical traditions. In contrast, the Union regards the Imperium as a military contender, fearing the superior armed forces of the Imperium might eclipse its own claim to military supremacy. In contrast, the Imperium enjoys relatively harmonious relations with the Starcrest Protectorate, as both share a common foundation rooted in honor and duty as foundational values. The Imperium also maintains reasonable relations with the Helios Sovereignty, largely because their geographical positions within the Core minimize direct conflicts, rather than due to any significant cultural similarities.

Military and Technology[]

Imperium mechs possess a distinctive non-humanoid, serpentine style, leading to their moniker as "the Dragon Riders." Their battlefield tactics gravitate towards agility and speed. Omnisphere Imperium's mechs, although lightly armored, are incredibly swift, executing swift hit-and-run tactics with precision. Their signature technology, the advanced arcanite engines, grants these mechs above-average speeds within their weight class, enabling a tactical edge during engagements.

An exceptional combat tactic they employ is the use of Blasters, a burst damage laser weaponry. These Blasters accumulate and store multiple charges, discharging them simultaneously during an attack, delivering a devastating opening volley that can be two or three times more potent than conventional lasers. While effective in prolonged battles, Blasters shine in initiating combat with overwhelming firepower, followed by a tactical retreat to recharge before re-engaging.

In addition to Blasters, Imperium mechs often integrate High Energy Cannons and Torchers into their arsenal, emphasizing heat damage. This unique approach causes foes to grapple with overheating issues, leading to internal damage and mobility constraints. The Imperium exploits this advantage in mobility, making them formidable opponents, capable of ambushing and striking with precision before retreating beyond engagement range.

Mercenary Relations[]

Mercenaries will find the Imperium a difficult house to work for initially, as the Imperium does not believe in rewards without trust. It is not uncommon for mercenaries to struggle financially as they work to gain the trust of the Imperium. However, those who do gain the trust and respect of the Imperium will find them to be one of the most generous employers in the Core. As a result, those mercenaries who do work for the Imperium are often fiercely loyal to their cause.