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Space travel

A fleet of Core ships

The major factions in the Core all maintain formidable starship fleet, however starships are mostly relics from earlier times, with the larger ships tending to be the most ancient. Starship manufacturing is very difficult for Core powers as the technology has essentially been completely lost, and thus the major factors maintain ship yards solely to conduct regular maintenance on their existing fleets. Core fleets include destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and the dreaded battlestar. However, due to the inability to replace ships, space warfare is exceedingly rare in the Core as even victorious space battles can result in irreplaceable losses. Fleets are thus mainly used to transport troops, for intimidation, and as deterrents against incursions by opposing powers.

Planetary bombardments are also rare in the Core for a number of reasons. First, there is an ingrained cultural stigma across the Core against weapons of mass destruction. Second, planetary bombardments would be viewed as an open declaration of war, something which the Star Regent would immediately condemn, and could result in expulsion of any faction that engaged in it from the Conclave, rendering them a rogue nation open to warfare from all other powers. Third, bombardments are usually a waste of resource and not terribly effective against mech forces, as orbital bombardments lack precise accuracy and mech forces are mobile enough to evade the brunt of the force. Bombardments could be effective against cities and military bases but given the precious value of technology in the Core, most powers consider it better to capture those targets than annihilate them.