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Star map 5016

Map of the Core, circa 5016

The Core is a vast region of space which, as of 5016, is governed by five dominant powers: the Confederate Vanguard Union, the Helios Sovereignty, the Omnisphere Imperium, the Starcrest Protectorate, and the Orion Corporate. Militaries in the Core heavily utilize both mechs and mercenaries (commonly referred to as "Metal Mercs"). Space warfare is rare within the Core due to the fact that starship manufacturing technology has been lost over the ages.

The Core Worlds are presided over by the Star Regent from Citadel, the capital planet of the Core. While the five major powers maintain a nominal alliance under the Star Regent's rule, conflicts become less discreet as one ventures toward the fringes of the Core. The alliance between the five powers, known as the Stellar Conclave.

In addition to the major powers of the Core, other notable worlds include Drake's Landing--the mercenary hub world--and Titan Prime--the gladiator world.

History of the Core[]

By 5016 the history of the Core has become vague and accurate details of the past are lacking, with fact and myth becoming intertwined and being difficult to discern. Some of the earliest recorded history dates back to the Golden Empire, a kingdom believed to have encompassed the entire Core and been active several thousand years ago. Many stories exist about the Golden Empire though few can be verified. Suffice to say it is believe to be a time of unity and advanced scientific progress across the Core. At some point the Core was invaded and occupied by an outside force known as the Ophidian Supremacy. During the invasion the Golden Empire collapsed and the king or emperor of the empire was lost. The Core existed under the Supremacy's occupation for several generations until the Great Purge. The Great Purge was led by House Caledon and the Empire's remaining vanguard forces, who had been living in exile, and resulted in the complete destruction of the Supremacy. Since that time, House Caledon has held the position of Star Regent, acting to safeguard and maintain unity and peace among the Core Worlds.

Major Factions[]

The Stellar Conclave[]

The Core Worlds is a region of space that consists of several dozen planets that are generally considered to be the center of civilization in the galaxy. The Core Worlds are divided into several powerful vassal states, including the Confederate Vanguard Union, the Helios Sovereignty, the Omnisphere Imperium, the Starcrest Protectorate, and the Orion Corporate. Each of these factions has its own culture, traditions, and values, and they often compete with one another for power and resources. Despite this competition, the Core Worlds have managed to maintain a degree of stability and cooperation, thanks in part to the efforts of the Star Regent and the Great Council.

At the center of the Core Worlds is Citadel, which is the seat of power for House Caledon, the ruling house of the Core. Citadel itself is the largest world in the Core, with a population of 4.2 billion citizens. Despite not having any other major territories of their own, House Caledon are the undisputed rulers over the Core Worlds and maintains a significant amount of power and influence. The current head of House Caledon is Star Regent Jacob Caledon.

In addition to the vassal states, the Core Worlds are also home to StarCom, which is a largely independent organization that operates within the region. StarCom is involved in a variety of activities, including exploration, trade, and security.

House Caledon’s words are "Heavy Lies the Crown", which serves as a reminder of the weighty responsibilities that come with their position as rulers of the Core Worlds. It suggests that the burden of leadership is great, and that those who hold power must constantly be vigilant and prepared to make difficult decisions in order to maintain stability and protect the interests of their people.


Though not formally a state and with no worlds of their own, StarCom is a highly influential and respected power in the Core. StarCom is responsible for the communications and technological needs of the Core, and are involved in everything from organizing interstellar travel to maintaining farming equipment.

Politically, StarCom is a neutral entity with allegiance to House Caledon and the Core. In addition to providing key technological support for the Core, StarCom also operates as an intelligence agency for the Star Regent, and occasionally advises the Regent on matters of governing. StarCom also organizes and maintains all merchant and civilian space travel across the Core, rendering them invaluable to the continued existence of the Core.

Militarily, StarCom maintains a large security force of highly advanced mechs. It also maintains outposts beyond the Core, and is the only Core power to have detailed knowledge of the wider galaxy. As StarCom holds no hostilities towards any Core power its prowess in combat has never been directly observed however, given the advanced and hostile forces found outside the Core, the fact that StarCom can easily maintain a presence in those regions suggests that they are a formidable force on the battlefield.

Confederate Vanguard Union[]

The Confederate Vanguard Union, often referred to as The Union or The Confederates, is a formidable militaristic and authoritarian state within the Core Worlds, commanding an impressive force of 350,000 mechs. With its capital at Starhold, the Union is a pivotal power in the Core, characterized by its vast territory housing 14.8 billion citizens and a military prowess unrivaled by any. Governed by High Minister Victor Hawkins of House Hawkins, the Union is known for its staunch authoritarianism, strategic military dominance, and a culture deeply rooted in military tradition. Its history is marked by significant contributions to the Core's defense, notably during the defeat of the Ophidian Supremacy, which earned it independence and the control of several key planets. Today, the Union maintains a complex relationship with mercenary groups, employing them for tactical advantages while fostering a culture of competition and martial excellence.

The Helios Sovereignty[]

The Helios Sovereignty, also known as The Sovereignty or the Lions, represents the epitome of wealth and military sophistication within the Core. Governed from the capital of Lumina by the twin ruling houses of Aerin and Payne, it stands as a beacon of opulence, its influence resonating across the realm like the sun's radiance. Boasting the Core's wealthiest citizens and a formidable military force of over 270,000 advanced mechs, the Sovereignty operates under the ethos "Wealth is Power," a principle vividly embodied in their emblem and societal values.

Ruled by the cousin-houses Aerin and Payne, the Sovereignty navigates the political and military arenas with unmatched opulence and a keen strategic mind. Despite its dazzling wealth, it faces scrutiny and rivalry within the Core, particularly from the Starcrest Protectorate, due to its lavish lifestyle and perceived aggressive tactics. With a complex relationship with mercenaries, dictated by lucrative contracts yet burdened by self-funded deployment costs, the Sovereignty's approach to warfare and politics paints a portrait of a power both admired and cautiously watched by others in the Core.

The Omnisphere Imperium[]

The Omnisphere Imperium, also known as The Imperium or the Dragon Riders, is the venerable and oldest state within the Core Worlds, holding sway for over two millennia. With a population of 10.3 billion and a military force of 220,000 mechs, the Imperium epitomizes the blend of beauty, strength, and honor, under the leadership of Imperator Jada Lytherius. Known for its unique non-humanoid, serpentine mech designs and advanced military tactics, the Imperium values the arts and perfection in all endeavors, living by the motto "Fierce Beauty." Despite its age, the Imperium remains a powerful and calculated force in the Core, maintaining complex relationships with its neighbors, particularly the Starcrest Protectorate with whom it shares a bond rooted in honor.

The Starcrest Protectorate[]

The Starcrest Protectorate, known also as The Protectorate or the Barbarians, embodies the spirit of "Smoke and Steel," a realm where industrial might meets unmatched martial tradition. Governed by Herzog Riker Konnen from the capital of Khorhall, this frigid and gravity-dense world produces some of the fiercest warriors in the Core, known for their enduring strength and resilience. With a modest population of 7.2 billion spread across vast territories, the Protectorate manages the second-largest military force in the Core, boasting 288,000 mechs characterized by their colossal size and raw power. Despite economic challenges, the Protectorate's industry and honor-driven culture underpin its significant role in Core politics, maintaining friendly ties with the Omnisphere Imperium while navigating tensions with the Helios Sovereignty and the Confederate Vanguard Union.

The Orion Corporate[]

The Orion Corporate marks its presence in the Core as a testament to technological innovation and scientific excellence. The Corporate prioritizes internal development, maintaining a stance of relative neutrality amidst the Core's political disputes. Ruled by Prodirector Deckard Noddack, the Corporate is celebrated for its advanced academies, universities, and the remnants of the Golden Empire's research centers, highlighting its commitment to the future. With a military strategy underpinned by high-tech equipment and an innovative approach to mercenary contracts, the Corporate navigates the political and military landscape with a focus on long-term vision and scientific progress.