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Titan games

Two mechs engaged in combat in an arena on Titan Prime

Titan Prime is a planet in the Starcrest Protectorate though neutral in terms of allegiance. Known as "the Gladiator World", it stands as the galaxy's premier gladiatorial arena, attracting mercenaries and mech pilots from across the Core to compete for fame, fortune, and the thrill of victory. Renowned for its high-stakes matches, Titan Prime has become synonymous with mech combat sports, broadcasting thrilling battles that captivate audiences across known space. The planet's arenas are not just battlegrounds but stages where celebrity pilots and teams vie for supremacy, supported by a fervent fanbase and a bustling economy fueled by betting and sponsorships.

The Modern Games[]

Today, Titan Prime is celebrated as a world where skill, courage, and technology collide in spectacular fashion. Pilots, ranging from seasoned veterans to ambitious rookies, enter the arenas hoping to etch their names into the annals of history. Celebrity pilots and their teams enjoy fame that rivals that of the greatest sports stars, with their matches eagerly anticipated and watched by billions. Behind the scenes, a complex infrastructure supports these gladiatorial contests, from state-of-the-art training facilities to advanced mech repair docks, ensuring that the spectacle of the games continues to draw crowds and viewers.

Economy and Culture[]

The economic impact of the games on Titan Prime cannot be overstated. Betting on matches is a widespread practice, with fortunes made and lost on the outcome of a single battle. This gambling culture adds another layer of excitement and engagement for the fans, further embedding the games into the fabric of Core society. The matches are not just sporting events but cultural phenomena, shaping fashion, entertainment, and even politics within the Core.

Historical Shadows[]

While the modern games are celebrated as a pinnacle of sporting achievement and entertainment, the origins of Titan Prime's coliseums are mired in a darker past. Initially conceived as a means of punishment and execution, the arenas were once grim theaters where political prisoners, prisoners of war, and slaves were forced to fight, often to the death.

The Dark Beginnings[]

The history that many choose to ignore or deem inconsequential reveals that Titan Prime's coliseums were built on the suffering of countless individuals. Slavers would purchase pilots as if they were mere commodities, compelling them to compete in servitude. Despite the adulation from the masses and the possibility of celebrity status for a select few, many combatants remained bound by chains of slavery, their lavish lifestyles serving as gilded cages.


The cessation of the games came with the Ophidian Occupation. Though a dark time in the Core's history generally, it was a positive turning point in Titan Prime's history. When the games eventually resumed, decades later, the galaxy had evolved. Slavery and public executions had fallen out of favor, paving the way for the games' rebirth as a sport rather than a death sentence. This transformation marked a new era for Titan Prime, one where the valor and skill of the pilots could be celebrated without the shadow of coercion and death looming over the spectacle.